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Membership F.A.Q.s


Q: What is the total number of memberships?

A: 395.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: The current Membership Contribution is $42,000.

Q: What are the annual dues?

A: Currently the annual dues are $2,960 including a $500 food credit.

Q: Can my family use the Club without me present?

A: Members' children 24 and under may dine (with no visitation limits) without the member parent present. They are allowed to bring guests, adhering to the Club's guest policy of four visits per year. Children over 24 may dine an unlimited number of times when accompanied by the member parent, and may utilize the member's six guest passes to dine without the parent present.

Q: What is the Club's guest policy?

A: Non-members of the Club are allowed a maximum of four visits annually, regardless of which Member(s) they accompany. Exceptions to this rule include immediate family and current houseguests of the Member. The term “houseguest” is defined as a guest who is presently staying at the Member’s house while the Member is in town. This person will not be able to use the Club without being accompanied by the Member in whose house he/she is staying.
C: Each membership is allotted six unaccompanied guest passes for dining at the Club during the winter. 

D: Otherwise, the Club policy of NO unaccompanied guests will strictly be enforced.  

Q: What happens if I wish to resign my membership?

A: The membership comes back to the Club to re-issue to the next person on the waitlist. Once re-issued, you will receive the amount of your original contribution less the retention by the Club of an amount equal to the greater of:

  • 10% of the membership contribution of the incoming Member;
  • The amount by which the membership contribution of the incoming Member exceeds the withdrawing Member's original membership contribution as reflected on the books of the Club; or - $2,000

Q: Are reservations required for lunch?

A: Reservations are required for both the Main Dining Room and the downstairs Bistro from December 25 - January 3. Reservations are strongly recommended for the Main Dining Room throughout the season in order to staff appropriately, offering the best service possible to all members. Reservations are not required in the Bistro through the remainder season, however the Bistro will open as needed based on reservations levels in the Main Dining Room.

Q: Who owns the Club?

A: All of the buildings and other facilities used by the Club are located on Vail Mountain and are owned by Vail Resorts, Inc., subject to certain exclusive usage rights of the Club.

Q: What is the Club's social policy?

A: The purpose of the Club is for the social activity and interaction of its members in a non-business atmosphere. Social events for members will utilize the Club facilities and other locations to enhance the social experience of the members. Members may hold a private event in one of the Club's rooms, which may be either business or social in nature, but at no time is solicitation of other members appropriate. In addition, membership activities and the membership lists should not be used for solicitation or commercial purposes.

Q: Is my spouse also a member?

A: Each member is entitled to designate his or her spouse as an Associate Member. Associate Members will be entitled to the same privileges as Members. Should the designated Member pass away, the surviving spouse will be entitled to apply for membership within 180 days and retain the deceased Member's membership.

Q: Are memberships available?

A: We currently have memberships available. Click here to contact the sales team.

Q: Who are the current Advisory Board and Board of Directors?

A: BOD: David Schoonmaker, Kit Williams, Beth Howard, Mike Trueblood, Fred Rumford.
Advisory Board: Rich Freyberg, Neil Stewart, Chris Hynes, Dee Wisor, Nicky White.